CleverPsych Licence

You can try out CleverPsych to see if it meets your needs.

CleverPsych is essentially free, but as we have to maintain this web site, write a manual and answer Emails there is a small charge after you have used it for a while.You can enter 50 clients into the database without a licence.

CleverPsych costs A$242, which is around about the fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society for a one hour consultation. There are no other charges.

For Australian psychologists this is $220 + GST. We will send you a tax receipt.

We do not give refunds, so try out the software first.

We use PayPal to enable you to enter your credit card details securely.

On notification by PayPal of your purchase we will send you a licence file and a receipt. It may take a couple of days for us to respond, or we could be away.

You need to place the licence file into your CleverData\config folder and restart the software. The licence details will appear on the top of the CleverPsych window.

The licence will be valid for software updates that we will occasionally release to fix bugs and add new features.